The next-gen Ion flavor inside this Eee PC is actually scaled back from what we saw in the HD-ID11, presumably in order to keep power consumption at a more netbook-friendly level. Trackmania Nations Forever Our test device is delivered with the smaller 6 cell battery 47 watts. The application performance is convincing. At the same time, systems based on Intel’s Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage processors began to show up, offering grown-up performance at netbook-like prices, with competitive battery life and portability. The loudspeakers haven’t been modified and thus two stereo loudspeakers are still used.

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A drawback of the lower priced PN is the manual graphics switching since you have to decide for eee pc 1015pn graphics. The ergonomics are impaired by this temperature in the long run. Voltcraft SL 15 cm distance.

Generally a good 1015on, whereby the battery is only insured for 12 months. The graphics switching is controlled manually via a small program eee pc 1015pn.

Asus Eee PC 1015PN Review

Largely due to eee pc 1015pn high-def video, web surfing began requiring an increasing amount of processing power. Asus fortunately sticks to its course in terms of screen and still relies on a matt Both direct and indirect sun, respectively light incidence aren’t a problem.


Are the PN’s eee pc 1015pn equally worthy of praise?

The hard disk, as well as the eee pc 1015pn components are cleverly hidden and opening the case is complicated, if not impossible. The combination of the new Intel Atom N with the dedicated Eee pc 1015pn ION 2 graphics edeand the option of switching to the internal processor graphics is convincing.

Colors of products may not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings.

M and our test device are now available in retail. Temperature The temperature development is an an important aspect for mobile devices.

eee pc 1015pn Customize The Tech Report Each such switch requires a reboot. Supplies The ee of delivery sufficies for an immediate use. The latter is also known as Nvidia ION 2.

It includes Splendid and SRS. Check with your local ASUS website for more details.

Asus Eee PC PN-PU17 Specs – CNET

However, eee pc 1015pn solid state drive SSD makes a considerable velocity increase possible with shorter access rates. We’ll get to the Optimus part in a minute. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Availability is dependent on selected model, country or operator support.


We executed this test with both graphics units in order to create a differentiation. Color deviations or image inversions aren’t noticed in this field.

ASUS Eee PC PN Seashell Specs – CNET

Our test device is equipped with the smaller Nvida alternative. Our only complaint is that two-finger scrolling stuttered a bit. Varying illumination depending on the graphics.

A maximum of The stronger model model suffix: This eee pc 1015pn is supported by CrystalDiskMark 3. Adding the power eee pc 1015pn and cord brings that up to 3. Surface Pro 6, I mean makes no sense, Asus takes over the costs for shipping in a warranty case, or you bring the 1015;n to the next DHL agency free of charge. The Eee PC is impressive in minimum settings in almost all games and rendering is smooth.