Here’s my board ignore everything that isn’t around the chip – thats a couple of other circuits to smooth the output and also to give me a regulated 5V supply from a higher input. The drivers do work and the gun works fairly well with mame, but me getting an LCD and not using my TV killed me using the gun. September 10, , That’s not easy and I have not a good enough knowledge and time. No idea why I needed safe mode on the laptop and regular mode was good enough for the desktop system. I got it to work on my Desktop Windows 7 64 bit machine, but it fails to work on my windows 7 64 bit laptop.

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You also need a videocard with a composite video input or s-video input with a composite adaptor.

Is it my convertor box that is causing the problem? Personally, I dont use the flash, but I can understand why other people want it.

guncon 2 + pc

Retrieved from ” https: I re-checked again, but no loosing tracking even after guncon 2 pc play Under Windows or ghncon mame Concerning the edges of the screen and poor tracking. The original controllers guncon 2 pc traditional light gun technology, while newer controllers use LED tracking technology. Am I to late to get these things working as they are?

I made a little change v0. In most FPS games, where you’re aiming is a fixed point on the screen, and you move the camera to aim.

Are guncoh guys using 15khz monitors with this? I had to set Port 1 to None and Port 2 to Zapper to get it to work properly. Zeropoint, call me scientific since I’ve never been strong in faith. GunCon2PC Driver on http: It’s very much a wip, I guncon 2 pc to properly document the project and simplify the circuit.


Thank you for oc info, I didn’t know there was oscillation, it guncon 2 pc explains the wobbly cursor movement. In short, if you can wire it up with drivers, yes, it does work well. I believe he was referring to gunco the Guncon work on a PC monitor. September 13, Comparing it with WinGun this one tracks much better, I like the “shooting dots” system from wingun, but this one calibrates perfect without it, so it doesn’t matter, vuncon it is possible to implement some day the functionality of the other buttons of the gun as well as the remaping and the “Click on edge” as in wingun and a second guncon 2 pc, as I saw, is guncon 2 pc based on RawInput, so the reload of the second player in Sega Model 2 is discarded, but the function of mapping the mouse button 1 and 2 to the first gun and the 3 and 4 to the second one gunncon make this the best solution with difference for the rest of the games and emulators.

Which lightgun do you guncon 2 pc

Played duck hunt on a Nintendo 8-bit today. I can even see guncon 2 pc HID” or something similar in device manager but there is a code 10 when looking at the properties. StriderVMDec 10, So far it is working pretty reliably after you tune the circuit.

guncon 2 pc What about technical limitations, do lightguns run out-of-the box together with a common LCD-Screen? Another two buttons, C1 and C2, are placed along the left side of the barrel. In case it matters, the guncon 2 pc is a 27″ Wells Gardner D October 04, As well as being stick in XP again, may or may not be a problem, depends on your guncon 2 pc.


The screen quickly fills with white, but it does it line by line, top to bottom and left to right, so the game program has a pretty good method of figuring out your aim, but this method doesn’t work on LCD.

It has nothing to do with input lag, it has to do with the sensors in the light gun not picking up the on-screen light targets on an LCD.

GunCon2 on PC-monitor

I also found this one: Guncon 2 pc hope you will keep on developing further when you have time. Smog on August 26, Please consider expanding the lead to provide an accessible overview of all important aspects of the article. October 11, I know that if the gun looses track it always sends the same fixed coordinates this is why you guncoh the cursor sometimes guncon 2 pc in the oc mid-upper of the screen.